Rare Plants to Buy in Calgary

Whether you're shopping for rare plants online or looking to buy from shops in Calgary, check out these amazing and rare plants.

Popular Houseplants

Not interested in those crazy-expensive designer houseplants, eh? We get it—here's a list of popular tropical plants you can buy in Calgary that will bring nature into your home without breaking the bank.

Plants for Low Light Homes

Maybe you’re not blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows—if you've got a home that's limited on light, you’ll love this list of low-light plants.

Plants That Give a Pop of Colour

For those who are all about home aesthetics—bring life and colour into your living space with these designer plants. You'll find pink, mint-green and even white-albo variegated leaves; the type of plants that really make a statement.

Plant Accessories in Calgary

Every plant needs a pot and soil to secure and feed those roots! Here are some local options for plant pots and planters available from Calgary shops.